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A crisp sunny morning at Divide Lake, Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon Territory, Canada

Camping close to this spot for 3 nights allowed me to see it in a variety of conditions and when the sunlight peeked over the mountains for the first time I noticed how it really lit the lakes color up and contrasted with the boulders beneath. I rushed over and set up and grabbed just a handful of frames before the light was gone behind a cloud. I used a warming polarizer to take glare away from the surface and accent the golden rock further. Not a difficult shot to make but it brings back such an uplifting feeling to me as it was preceded by 4 days of snow and cloud. I hiked further along the trail that day feeling truly lucky to call this country home.

tech: 16mm, f/11, 1/25th second, iso 100, Singh-Ray thin warming polarizer

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