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“Heaven on Earth”

A foggy morning at Divide Lake, Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon Territory, Canada

I took a peek out the tent flap and my heart jumped as there was fog wrapping itself around the main peak of Mount Monolith. I got up faster than fast and was out bleary eyed stumbling to the lakes edge. I worked my way along the shoreline taking a LOT of photos. The fog was evolving and creating new compositions on the fly. Eventually I ended up at the very far end as the peaks had been covered in fog now so the interest was in the other direction. Sunlight broke through and lit some of the fall foliage on the far slopes and a peak poked through in the distance. It was a magical moment as you could basically only see white (fog) and the details in this frame. This was a stitch of 2 images at 70mm to get as much symmetry and disorientation in there as possible. There was even a lovely little bonsai tree on its own rock in the water for a foreground but it will have to wait until another day!

tech: 2 image stitch at 70mm, f/11, 1/30th second for LHS frame, 1/60th for RHS frame, iso 100

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