“Night Pulse”

Self portrait at Margaret Falls, Herald Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

I had to summon a little courage as I dont normally delve into dark canyons alone in the middle of the night but I had visualized this shot prior and wanted to come away from a quick shoot in the Shuswap with something unique. I took waders in with me knowing the water at the base was very shallow and that you can get really close to the flow. I set the camera up on a bridge out of the spray line and had the intervalometer take continuous 10 second exposures to try different ideas and lighting. After the first round I went in for a second to refine it a little and the end result is mainly one exposure but I used a couple of other frames to show off the details in the periphery of the frame like the texture in the rock face which was lit while I clambered awkwardly up the slippery face in waders from the side. This shot was in BC magazine’s fall issue as part of their ‘I love BC’ contest.

tech: 16mm, f/2.8, 10 seconds, iso 1600, lighting: varied headlamp angles

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