2016 – a review

My favourite 10 images that I took during 2016 (click on each one for a closer look);



and the “B” side images;



and some “C”s…..I had a really fun year!



So it was a big year, we finally moved to Canmore to make our home in the Canadian Rockies! Once there I managed to climb 51 separate mountains in the next 8 months to finish off the year. My goal was my age in peaks for the year so I was happy to achieve that when I hit 33 peaks with Mt St Nicholas in Banff National Park but going up mountains has so many positive effects that I kept at it right until year’s end. Bring on 34+ peaks in 2017! I was also fortunate to be invited to help on a few of Will Patino’s photography workshops, both here in Canada and also over in Iceland which i’m so grateful for as It opened me up to new friends and experiences that I had never imagined. I still have to process a lot of the Iceland images. I’m really looking forward to creating even more unique images next year and to continuing to take steps to build a happy and fulfilling life.

All the best in 2017!


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2015 – a review

My favourite 10 images that I took during 2015 (click on each one for more details);

In 2015 I have worked on photography as much as possible. It has in some way shape or form been present in every spare waking moment that ive had! Ive been lucky to have this time for it but am always left wishing there was more. I managed to do many things im proud of and becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada was one of those. It helped me be able to move forward with more purpose knowing that im here to stay….8 years on temporary permits was great for travel and flexibility but not if you wish to start something. The most exciting part of the year was traveling alone to the Yukon Territory for 2 weeks to backpack & photograph Tombstone Territorial Park. Nothing beats being immersed in nature, with a close second photographing it with intention to hopefully come away with a ripping shot or two.

Happy new year and best wishes for 2016!


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Welcome to my website!

For the first part of 2015 I have been working on this site. There is a lot more work to it than is seen at first glance. Lots of boring stuff like keywording photos for SEO, dealing with a backlog of images from the past couple of years, making some initial business decisions and writing an about me section (Struggled with that – I find it awkward writing about myself. You don’t want to be misinterpreted as being boastful so I kept it as literal as possible). I currently have a full time job so piecing these things together has felt painstakingly slow. I’ve tried to make a little progress each day hoping it will eventually add up and I think its getting close……although I’ll be dealing with that backlog forever – read: stay away from the stock galleries they currently look a little anemic.

In more exciting news I’m using my 2 weeks of vacation time this year entirely for photography in early September and its down to 2 options;

I’m also about to start a project detailing my daily commute to work here in the Okanagan Valley. Its a 60km drive each way and im hoping to take advantage of any interesting conditions that occur – lots of times I’ve been caught wishing I had the camera. I just have to get a years worth of sawdust out of the car first – well that layer is on top of a years worth of normal dust. You don’t want to ride with me if you have allergies that’s for sure. You can check out the progress of this project HERE and if it hasn’t started its because im putting off the dust control.

Thanks for looking! I enjoy having a space that my photography can grow into. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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